We are an audio-visual design collective stationed in the thriving city of Barcelona. It is our goal to transform the business ideas of our customers into an individual message. We translate your concept and company philosophy into the audio-visual language in the best possible way. How can we help you to communicate your ideas to your customers?







Matti Hillig


I love to find beauty and aesthetic compositions wherever I go. To implement visual concepts and especially to interact with people. I started out shooting punk and rock concerts in my hometown Marburg, Germany. Later, in Berlin, I plunged into the hip hop scene portraying musicians like Pharrell Williams, De La Soul and Xzibit. In a refreshing contrast, working for magazines like Women’s Wear Daily teached me a lot about fashion photography. Berlin and Barcelona became the two hotspots of my photography work: Mixing the edgy Nordic with the warmhearted Mediterranean culture is a superb basis for my creative work.

David Dörre

DoP & Media Designer

When it comes to my content, feeling, sensitivity and attention to details is crucial to trigger an emotional reaction. Capturing those moments that make us feel something is very much reflected in my visual work as a digital content producer and cameraman. I translate our dynamic and rapidly changing world into aesthetic compositions. For me, professionalism, precision and perfection down to the smallest detail are part of my professional self-image. In the last few years, shootings for marketing campaigns in the automotive sector and even for the biggest sporting events such as the Olympic Games have crystallized. In the course of this, communication has top priority for me. The transformation of ideas into exciting and contemporary media concepts was integrated into my professional career from the very beginning.

Felix Betzenbichler

Dipl.-Ing. Digital Media Technologies

I believe that audio visual content is a comprehensive technique, enabling corporates as well as individuals to spread ideas, products and knowledge sustainably. During my placement as cameraman & editor in several video productions , I have noticed the great potential and impact that audio visual content has in delivering a message. Through my studies of digital media technologies I was able to acquire a profound basis of theoretical knowledge. Complemented by many years of practical experience in the creation of audio-visual media content, it allows me to efficiently realize complex creative and technical challenges. I like to work with the newest media technologies while constantly discovering new methods and possibilities of storytelling and visual compositing. Due to my experimental media approach during my studies I am also able to work in an interdisciplinary communication environment.

Roman Schönbichler

Dipl.-Ing. Audio Design

I started with music at the tender age of four, expanding my knowledge ever since. When the piano and keyboard joined the instrument-family at age 11 the music experienced changes too. Shortly after composing became the main focus the digital age brought new tools and at the age of 17 a collaboration with a professional studio started. Infected with the idea of possibilities he went to Salzburg to study audio at the University of Applied Sciences where he graduated with distinction. During his studies he met many people in need of Sound Design for their film endeavours and subsequently Upperception Sounds was born. The idea was to establish an all-in-one solution for audio services that can not provide everything sound but also deliver quality.




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    08027 Barcelona